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Safety is our Mandate

Safety is front and center at RCP
… plain and simple!

We recognize that our employees AND our customers are our number one assets. Our objective in developing and implementing safety programs within our community is zero workplace accidents. How do we achieve this?

First, training our employees properly in all aspects of our operations is a key factor. Our employees are appropriately trained in general construction safety, WHMIS, First Aid, Personal Protection Equipment in addition to the specialized training required in concrete pumpoperations.

We accomplish this through the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association Programs, specialized training courses, site orientations and most importantly through the American Concrete Pumping Association Certification Program (ACPA).

ACPA Certification is the only industry-recognized certification program which provides independent assessment of an operator’s knowledge regarding concrete pump safety.

In addition, minimum operational experience is required before the various levels of certification are granted. Everyone of our pump operators must attain and maintain the certification standards required by ACPA on the various pumps he/she will be using.

As a customer/contractor, always request ACPA Certified Operators.

RCP is registered with ISNetworlds meeting their stringent client requirements in this system.

We are proud of our accomplishments in the safety of our employees and those who work with us on the job site. 

Safety Certificate Number: SB055


New Safety Manager
– Coming Soon!

We have our ISN and will soon have Avetta