Rob’s Concrete Pumping Ltd.








Our Company & Mission

RCP brings together an experienced team working together to make sure your concrete needs are looked after. Our pump operators have over sixty combined years of experience in the industry, looking after everything from a simple basement wall to the huge inland grain terminals you see across our province. The owner, Rob Herbert, along with his two children have made Regina their home for over 35 years. We believe in and support our community locally and Provincially.

RCP supports local business in everything we do. If someone in Regina can source our parts, service our equipment or make our business cards, we go to them first. As an employer, RCP believes in the people we hire. We provide full benefits, excellent wage packages and are always interested in how our employees are doing. After all, we know RCP is at its best when our employees are at their best. Meet our Team here.

Our corporate mission is to provide our clients with professional, courteous and timely delivery of our services. Within RCP, we work in a cooperative team environment to ensure successful delivery of our services. To accomplish this we shall at all times strive to do the following: Maintain a courteous and professional attitude at all times when dealing with our clients and our relationships with fellow RCP employees.

⭐ Maintain our vehicles in top working order and appearance.

Arrive on the job site promptly at scheduled times, complete our job professionally and in a cooperative manner.

⭐ Keep dispatch and clients aware of any anticipated delays or problems that may impact scheduling.

Maintain our shop, yard and facilities in the best possible condition that is appropriate.